Saturday, 9 June 2007

Smiling Piero

Hearts & Bones and I had to run an errand early in the morning. And when I say EARLY, I meant around 9am on a weekend. It was a very hot morning and since we were already out, decided to stop at Kg. Tamoi or something like that at Kampung Ayer (Brunei's Venice). Below is one of the last pictures I took whilst there, on our way to the car sweating profusely! It was VERY hot!!! Even so, I was happy to have stopped over cos we met a few very friendly people who were willing to have their pictures taken. I overheard the mother telling the boy that we were taking pictures of them and I guess the boy was very intrigued he kept looking back!
He just knew where to look.
Mommy... I Spotted The She-Shoots Girls!!!
P/S: Sorry a little tilted, H&B said I should've used the crosshair. Next time lagi.

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Hearts & Bones said...

lol it's funny how my post says LATE morning and yours says EARLY morning hahaha i like the picture and your caption babe. Good One! ;)