Saturday, 9 June 2007

Of Walkways and Water

Late this morning O&L and I were in the area, so we decided to pop by Kg Tamoi, near Makam Di-Raja, for an impromptu outing. It was my second visit there and I thought that it would be better this time round, as in no more jitters on the wooden walkways but boy was I wrong! hahaha I almost turned back out of fear. It didn't help that I saw a lizard sprinting across the walkway at one point. The locals were even laughing at me saying, "Inda apa-apa ni, tagap ni!" hahaha Damn malu! O&L had to talk me out of turning back and it's a good thing that she did cos that place is like a photographer's playground. There were so many interesting things to shoot. They say a picture can tell a story, well this place has alot of stories to tell! The people there were friendly and obliging, even requesting for their picture to be taken.

Here are some of the snaps from this morning, more to come!



P.S. Thanks for the pointers regarding the sensor. I used my blower on it this morning and managed to get rid of some of the dust specks. I'll try again later.


jIM said...

phwoarr...!! i swear, if i wasn't working this morning... :P

Hearts & Bones said...

Siukkkkkk inda kraja Saturday :P

rafferty said...

So this is your 'busy' appointment :p

Hearts & Bones said...

hahahaha we went for our appointment first before we dropped by Kg Tamoi la :P

KAYE said...

i like the first snapshot! ;-)