Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Chaperone

Today's picture is a lil bit of nostalgia on my part. It is actually one of the very first photos taken with my 350D, and it sure feels like a long time ago.

I'm sure most of you can identify the location, if not, it was taken in The Empire's vast and splendid grounds. I noticed a young couple sitting under a tree, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Looked like any normal couple on a date but sitting very close by was an older lady, watching over them, listening in, sometimes laughing with them. My guess was that she was the chaperone, perhaps even the designated driver hehe. On their walk back, he had his arm around her and Madam Chaperone maintained her pace so they were always a step ahead of her. My companion and I made a lil joke, "Eh bedating kena jaga? Kesian perempuan atu jadi tiang lampu". I don't know if my technique has improved much since then but capturing moments like this is what I like best about photography. Even though it's been many months ago, everytime I look at the picture, it takes me back to that moment and puts a smile on my face.

Three's a crowd but not on this site ;)


Orange & Lilac said...

hahahahaha imagine if I have to have a chaperone! dinner for three please!!! haha

KAYE said...

i like the photo! it's very natural and full of life!