Thursday, 7 June 2007

K for Doughnut

Hats On, Let's Eat
Don't you just wish we had Krispy Kreme here? Yummy!


Hearts & Bones said...

Siasiapun! I want some Original Glazed!!!!

bibiran 2.0 said...

oooohh look what i have in my fridge!

Leo said...

Me like!!!

jIM said...

me too! i want the original glazed as well!!! i had a dozen of those the other day...all for my little 'ol self! *urp*

Orange & Lilac said...

H&S - haha sorry babe aku pun mau

Bibiran - eh ada also?? haha

Leo - I know.. tell your master to get some for you AND me next time he's away ;)

Jim - thats a lot of ori.glazed for one person no? haha atu baru ya!