Sunday, 20 May 2007


Dad mentioned a couple of days ago that so and so cousin will be having their birthday at the Empire Marine Centre today. My ears immediately perked up at the news. Lil cousins birthday parties aren't normally my most favourite way to spend a Sunday but this time I didn't have to find an excuse not to go. Everybody knows that the Empire = snap happy grounds. No matter how many times you go there, you can't deny the splendour of the place. Since my new lens hasn't arrived, I ventured out armed with only a wide angle.

Deep in Conversation

Tranquil Waters

Oh btw, to all the photographers out there, what do I do if I find specks of dust in my photos? I know it isn't the lens cos the speck is still visible when I change lenses. Is it sufficient to use a blower to clean the sensor or will I only be making it worse? Help!


jIM said...

shoot with a very small aperture (f/18 and above) and take a picture of a white wall or blue sky.

If the speck is still visible even after u change lenses, then there's a chance the speck is on the sensor! It's happened to me a couple of times, and yes, I used a blower...but very...very...carefully...

Hearts & Bones said...

Oh dear, I have to meddle with the sensor? :s

jIM said...

not physically..try facing the camera down without the lens. use a blower

(1) with the mirror down and
(2) with the mirror up.

Since u said its visible even when u change lenses, then the only explanation is that its either on the mirror or the sensor. Happens to all of us.

Only IF the blower doesnt work will you have to resort to meddling with the sensor.

Zul said...

I would check using Jim's advice.. take a picture of something bright and white at a small aperture. Dust will show up on smaller apertures as dark spots on a bright photo.

I was unfortunate enough to get some on my sensor recently, managed to get rid of them with a blower.

KAYE said...

i'm sorry, i have no idea how to help you. hehehe... anyway, you really impress me with your shots!