Saturday, 19 May 2007

The Long Road

Am I the other one?!?

After an appointment in the afternoon, I drove around thinking of the things I could shoot. Hearts & Bones has been texting me asking when I would be posting . I kept saying just wait, I WILL post something soon. So there I was driving around didn't really have an interesting place in mind to stop and shoot. It was probably when I heard Azan Maghrib on the radio that I decided to stop and re fuel. What to do oh what to do? I took out my camera with a Prada lens attached and turned it on. I looked at the guy at the station and smiled, he just looked at me, expression: indifferent. I was ready to see him weirded out but he didn't seem to care. I wonder, maybe a few of the photographers have been out here taking odd pictures of the workers at some stations. Who knows? I mean if I was him, I probably would smile or smirk or something. Oh well, since he didn't really think it was weird and didn't really pay any attention, I happily took a few shots. So here's a shot for everyone; full tank for the journey ahead.


Anonymous said...

Nice composure. But its a bit suicidal to take a picture when you are filling up you tank. Unless you have a death wish.

jIM said...

kinda harsh, dont you think? tests hve proven that even using cell phones at the pumps do not actually present any significant danger, and considering that cellular equipment emit much higher static and emp radiation compared to imaging equipment such as still or motion cameras, the danger of the petrol station exploding while taking the picture is next to zero.

however, i do believe its best to err on the side of caution. like they say...its better to be safe than sorry...