Monday, 3 December 2007

Think Pink

Granted, these photos were not taken with an SLR but I loved how they turned out I thought I'd share them here anyway :)

Pink Petals

Into The Pink


Orange & Lilac said...

i love these H&B. Who says u need an SLR? ;)

Zul said...

The last pic's beautiful !

And it's making me think dirty thoughts.


There is no rule in photography which favours SLR over non-SLR except under certain circumstances where an SLR is desired. These Orchid photos are beautifully captured and I wonder if these were hand-held or on a tripod.

I often shoot my non-commercial products using a Canon IXUS 700 which allows ISO 50 and the result is a very clean usable high res image. A number of images on my blog were shot with the IXUS.

My Slipper Orchids images were shot with an EOS 5D and controlled studio lighting. Being late in the evening, indoor and extremely fragile there was no other way to produce these images.

As my first post here (yes, I am slow like that!) SHE SHOOTS has effective marketing with the shirts, anonymity and interesting photographs—I just want to wish SHE SHOOTS a belated congratulations on being Top 3 in the recent Simpur Bloggies contest.

David said...

Just goes to show.. its the people behind the gear that makes the photos..