Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tasek Lama

Don't go Chasing Waterfalls...but this is an exception
Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

Remember TLC's Waterfall? The video touched on important issues such as drug dealings, HIV and AIDS and self-esteem. I believe that song was what made TLC huge back in the 90's. I mean remember T-Boz with her sultry voice? Remember Left-Eye (RIP) with her cool rapping style and the condom under her left eye to promote safe sex? And of course, do you remember Chilli with the bridge she sang on Red Light Special? Need I say more? These trio was huge back in the days. I remember singing the whole album, CrazySexyCool after school with friends. Those were the days. And Chilli's part in Red Light Special was probably our favourite!! haha

The picture above just reminded me of the song. It was taken at Tasek Lama. Brunei has a lot to offer, sure we don't have huge malls, highstreet shopping or designer boutiques. Although we still are developing ourselves in that aspect. But what we do and is widely known to have is wildlife, acres and acres of green and clean air. So if you're a nature lover, come to Brunei. It's summer all year round, and you never know, you might come head to head with wildlife animals. And when that happens, don't forget to get that camera out. It sure will be a moment to remember.

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