Saturday, 30 June 2007

Black Rocks

Located south of the island, the Jeju Jusangjeoli is one of nature's many wonders. The hexagonal seaside rocks were formed by volcanic magma that have been exposed and eroded by the ocean, waves, and wind over time. As you can see, it appears as if someone stacked a pile of hexagonal crystals on the seashore. It was really windy day when we visited so the waves looked really spectacular as they hit the rocks.

Land Dolphins

Care for a swim?

Piled Hexagons



fazzuri said...

Piled hexagons - reminds me of the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, right Sketch?

sketch said...

fazzuri: yeah ha! thought of the same thing too when i saw the photos hehe

Orange & Lilac said...

lawa jua this place.. n i love the pic of the waves!