Monday, 4 February 2008

To Light

I've been meaning to see the grounds of this revamped school. Yes revamped. Huge (not that it wasn't huge before but now it's just more than that). White (it used to be brown and beige- both colors fading). And tiring for the feet or at least that's what I was told. My schedule for the past couple of weeks hasn't been so great so luckily it was my week off so I got a friend to give me a little tour of this new yet memorable place.

I was feeling nostalgic and smiling everytime I took a shot, reminiscing the time I attended the school back in the 90's. A lot has changed, however, I was very happy when I heard AND saw the spiral staircase is still there! A, you saw how big my smile was when u told me about it! Thanks for the tour A!


SoulJah said...

I've been meaning to shoot here when it was finally finished. I had some shots from when the school just moved in, but that was only with a Sony Cybershot. Thanks for reminding me I needed to shoot this place!

Ranz said...

I know who A is ;) lol

Mustanir said...

What a humungous school! Even the "big" schools here would be tiny in comparison to this one!