Sunday, 24 February 2008

Happy 24th

My mate and I braved the dark and cold morning yesterday to catch the National Day celebrations. I don't know about my friend but it was a first for me. We thought we got there quite early but when we got to our designated parking area, it was already filled to the brim. Having gotten permission to block some cars, we set out to fill our bellies with breakfast and then ventured out to Jalan Sultan only to find ourselves in the middle of a She-Shooter's nightmare. There were shutterbugs left right and centre! To quote my friend, it looked like somebody puked photographers in the middle of the Capital. This made it quite difficult to take photos while trying not to get spotted haha I only hope that if any of you did spot us, you'd keep that little secret to yourself ;)

In any case, I did enjoy myself. The sights and sounds of the Capital on a 23rd of February is certainly something to experience. The following are just some samples of my interpretation of the morning's parade. More to come shortly.




Sports School

March On


Bulimic said...

i wanna see my pic! hehehe ;p

cloudy said... u r those gurls. heard a lot about u. hehe, cheers

cloudy said...

nothing serious, just heard a lot from friends saja.