Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Anything Whatever!

AnythingWhatever Advert 2

Saw these ads while walking with my friend hahahha just had to take the photos.. it's so funny! There's another one with a sexy lady.. I forgot what was the line but it was kinda dodgy haha

AnythingWhatever Advert 1

Both are taken using my camera phone.

p/s: H&B - no, that's not my recent photo.. you're so mean :P


H&B said...

LOL u sent the pic to me while I was in a meeting...iatah bangang :p

sketch said...

hahaha not my idea.. my friend said to send to you.. nya cos you sent me a photo of fun donuts haha.. she's a bit weird like that! (hehe jk my funny friend!)

27 said...

wahaha nice advert.