Saturday, 12 January 2008

Land of the Rising Sun

Some photos from my trip to Tokyo, Japan late 2007. Due to the hectic schedule, I hardly had a chance to explore the city and take photos. Despite the short visit, the city did leave a lasting impression on me. Where else would you find men in suits riding scooters and bicycles? I'd love to visit again someday, what do you think of a Japan outing O&L?...Sketch? :p Do mind the noise in the photos, half of these were taken from inside a car at about 10x zoom!

Ginza Lights Bike

Sashimi Bowl

Brick & Concrete City Bottles

Water Garden


Jan Shim said...

I've visited Japan three times, twice as a kid and most recent trip in March 2007. The attraction that was common in the 3 trips were Mount Fuji and Disneyland but I had the most fun and memorable experience as an adult and the opportunity to translate those fleeting moments into a photographic journey.

Japan is high on my radar of favourite countries/cultural interests to visit again and again. There's also a huge motoring interests riding on the passions of the Japanese motorsports community having owned a Subaru WRX for four years and ran a motorsports and tuning business in that time.

Here are my Japan posts to share:

I'm very impressed with the work that are posted here recently. Keep it UP!

Jan Shim said...

Oops! the second link should have been ...