Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Season's Greetings!

Orchard Road

The best out of the lot that I took of the Christmas Lights at Orchard Road, Singapore from the Far East Plaza Bridge. Thanks to my friend for the idea ;) Since I didn't have a tripod or a monopod with me, had to settle with the bridge's railings which was a bit scary hehe Photo needs much improvement but this will do for now hehe

Didn't really take much photos as we were "supposedly" going to have dinner and I was "supposedly" very hungry, but then when entering Far East Plaza, we took a lot of detours ;) hahaha

Anyways, public holiday today - Season's Greetings everyone. Enjoy the day off wherever you are :)

Also, Selamat Kembali ke Tanah Air to all the Haj Pilgrims - Semoga semua mendapat Haji yang Mabrur, Aminnnnn :)


Hearts & Bones said...


Side note 1: I love the pic Sketch! Love the lights. They were already up when I was in Sg late November. So pretty. Did you take pics in the M&M house in front of Isetan?

Side note 2: Mana J.CO donuts ku????? :P

sketch said...

answer to side note 1: indaaaaa.. didn't take photos there.. but we did went there plg

answer to side note 2: nadaaaaaaa J.Co donuts muuuu haha :P abisss!hehe we went there twice and twice i just use the fast track, too lazy to queue for half an hr!haha


Gorgeous! This year I decided to pass on Orchard Road lights as I did that last year on top of the HippoTours open decked bus.


Instead my 2007 Singapore X'mas with the kids is about places of interests, food and shopping:







I had a blog post at the end of each day!

sketch said...

Thanks Jan Shim! But can't compare to your awesome photos! I especially love the photos of the red mini, the merlion roaring into the sky and the big ribbon of the taka tree from your recent Singapore Collection!

arab-families said...

Ahlan..saw your pict..at ochard Road...beautiful!!!...we were there for christmas...like the way you shoots.......especially at nite...lawa lah..