Sunday, 21 October 2007

Hari Raya with a Bang

Sorry for the lack of updates on our part. I guess we have all been busy with the raya season, visiting friends and families, filling our bellies with copious amounts of rendang and satay. The photos below were taken during the fireworks show in Kg Tungku on the first day of raya, sponsored by Ak Shariful and Pg Adnan. Kudos and thank you for such a beautiful pyrotechnics display though I wish I wasn't so ill-equipped, having had to take these handheld and having my battery die on me halfway. I believe the renowned Mr DC was also somewhere in the vicinity that night judging from the post on his blog, his pictures however turned out lots prettier than mine.

Purple Sky

Golden Shower


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nz.juushici said...

lawa! i like it alot! =)