Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I'm Engaged!!!

In Malay tradition, it is very rare to see a gentleman going down on one knee to propose to his lover. In fact, before the girl gets a ring on her finger (or two in this case) the gentleman would have to seek permission from his intended's parents and ask for their blessings. Seems ok? Ages ago, the gentleman's parents or family members were the ones who had to do that job. So if both parties agree, an engagement ceremony would take place.

Two rings (Tanda Pertunangan and Pembuka Mulut) are brought by the gentleman's family to the girl's place in exchange for a hand in marriage and a list (which kinda looks like an MoU without the big words of course). The list may include 'gifts' and other material things for the wedding. Once both parties are in agreement with the list, the engagement can now be made official. A ring on each hand... how lucky ;)


Reeda said...

Congrats on the engagement! When's the wedding? ;)

Orange & Lilac said...

Thanks.. but this pic wasnt of my engagement... It's a friend's eheh.. the wedding? U'll find an invitation in the future ;)