Friday, 6 July 2007


Berbedak Ceremony is one of the events lined up to the main event in a Malay Wedding; the Bersanding. Malay wedding consists of a few events; berjarum-jarum, nikah, mandi berbedak, berinai, berbedak, bersanding, malam berambil-ambilan and mulih tiga hari. During the Berbedak, the bride (in this case) wears traditional malay 'jewelleries' depicted in these photos. I have yet to find out what these gears are really called!

Gelang Emas
Rantai Emas
Gold head gear

This was actually my first time 'covering' a wedding event. I knew in the beginning it was going to be very challenging but I didn't expect it to be this hard. Imagine trying to capture a person's most memorable, treasured and most important moment, I mean, I can't even begin to try to understand how difficult and pressuring that is. But thank god I wasn't there as the main photog, and thank god for the I don't know, maybe 5 other photographers? Yes there were 5 photographers that night, I guess one was the main photographer since he had the most camera gear, all around his waist! The rest were probably his apprentices. I've seen the pictures they took, pretty amazing for apprentices ;)

Would I want to venture into wedding photography? I only agreed to take photos during the wedding cos it was a freind's. But would I want to do it professionally, maybe as a second job? Maybe... But in the meantime... it'll just be friends' until the right one presents itself :)

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KAYE said...

i love the first shot. beautiful!