Monday, 4 June 2007

Truck On Truck Action

The picture below was not taken with a DSLR or SLR of any kind. It was taken with a mere 2.0 mp phone camera set on VGA mode but I thought it was worth posting because it isn't everyday that you see a truck bouncing about on top of another truck. Yes, you read it right, bouncing. On the way home from work today I was admiring the cloud formations, wishing I had my camera with me. The light was really shining beautifully through them! Anyway, as I was ambling along, I caught sight of the trucks and wondered exactly how secure it was, if it was secure at all. To my horror I found that every time the blue truck moved, the truck on top bounced and moved ever so slightly backward!! Can't be safe right? The driver of the car behind it must've been really brave cos he/she didn't seem to mind and was following it relatively closely. I wouldn't have risked it. Got home and my sis said to send the picture to the local newspaper. Do you think I should?

Practising for the release of Transformers the movie


Orange & Lilac said...

YES U SHOULD! ROAD safety awareness nada ah!

jIM said...


sketch said...

berani jua that person ah behind the truck..

Just saw what you wrote under the photo, haha.. transformers!haha cali..

Udah tah you send to paper?