Sunday, 24 June 2007

To The Moon & Back

Half Moon

The moon looks so beautiful from afar, the light it seems to emit shines your night brightly. One would think the moon is flawless; smooth surface, emits its own light and well, just perfect. But once one discovers what the moon really is and what it eally looks like, one may conclude it to be a fraud. One may, but one definitely won't. Instead, no one dares to judge it to be. Why? Because even with all the flaws, it continues to take one's breath away. I mean, just look at it, spend just a few seconds gazing up the sky. Doesn't it take your breath away? I didn't need a few seconds, it was instant.


sketch said...

Cool photo! Lens apa kau pakai ni O&L? yg masatu kau tunjukkan aku atu? hehe

KAYE said...

breath taking!

Hearts & Bones said...

Very nice!! how did u take such a shot??

Orange & Lilac said...

s: I used my 75-300mm lens.. since high resolution, i cropped the picture to just show the moon.

Kaye: Thanks

H&B: semasa sibuk d malam hari

Rongen said...

Nice shot. I can see a silhouette of a man wearing cap, pants down (a kind of hip-hop) urinating :)

D*mn! back to work.

RJ63 said...

Gorgeous...i meant the picture hehe