Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sliding Home

In the game of softball, a home run is a hit in which the batter is able to run passing through all the bases arriving at the home plate while scoring a run himself/herself with no errors by the defensive team. A run is when a player safely reaches home after passing through first, second and third bases effectively by advancing to the next base as the pitcher is delivering the ball to the batter at the home plate or when a ball is hit by the batter. But of course the most exciting way to gain runs is through a home run with bases fully loaded i.e. when there are players on all the bases; first, second and third. The batter doesn't only gain a run for himself/herself but also runs for all the three players initially on all three bases.

I wonder how a batter can hit so hard and get the ball to fly so far. Mixture of skills and strength perhaps?

A great attempt at hitting a home run; sliding home.

As he called out!!!

I couldn't decide which of these pictures to post so I decided to post both. Wish I could overlap them, don't know how to do that yet. I could probably try Photoshop but laziness prevailed.


Hearts & Bones said...

WOw nice pics babe. U certainly captured the action and energy!

Ranz said...

ouch.... haha.. nice capturing moment.

sketch said...

I agree with H&B! I esp like the reaction of the guy wearing the blue shirt ah.. Apakan namanya tu? Umpire kah? hehehe

aNakitik said...

full with action and expression.... pretty cool!!!