Monday, 11 June 2007

Reach the Sky

Is sky the Limit?

If you put your heart into anything, you won't believe what you can achieve!!

I was chatting with H&B on MSN earlier today when she told me We're FEATURED!!!! I was like ok where is that site.. where is that site!!! Yes pretty excited. Who wouldn't be? I mean, the moment we started this blog, it never crossed our minds that it would even be recognized as something significant or cause all this hoo-ha . But it has, and we're here.

Initially, the blog was just a way for us to showcase our hobby as a means to entertain others, but it also turned out that it's also a good way to show that us girls can survive in a scene heavily populated by men. Having said that, we are not here to show how different our style of photography is from the guys' or whose is better. We just wanna spark interest in photography amongst female; if the guys can do it, so can we. Go ahead, don't hesitate, pick up that camera, join us... the more the merrier ;)


Hearts & Bones said...

Lawa jua gambar mu ani. Mcm ngam the clouds bisai lined up like marshmallows on a stick!!

IZZwithmeNikon said...

Good pic. Makes me think.
And well done on being featured. Now isnt it time you show yourselves..???

sketch said...

marshmallows on sticks.. haha.. didn't really 'see' that till you mentioned it hehe

O&L: tiang apa kan tu?

Anonymous said...

Hey girls

Congrats for being featured in the blogging nation. Really like your work and keep it up orait . Go Girls!!


Anonymous said...

Looking from different perspective; it's like someone is trying to make titian dLangit!!!

Leo said...

I bet I can climb up that pole/stick and eat the marshmallows off it *mEoWw*

Jewelle said...

It's about TIME we have some girls who shoot funky pictures in Brunei! Too many men and it's not like we girls can't do it eh? Keep up the good job and looking forward to more of Brunei from your lenses :-)

KAYE said...

haha... girl power! ;-)