Saturday, 16 June 2007

the The Mall, Gadong!

Trying out something different - uploading by Flickr instead on Blogger so here goes:


I got the idea to do this from a friend. Not really a fantastic photo as the airplane is a bit blur & distorted; although to me the "blur effect" kinda makes it cooler.

Anyways, thanks to my friend for the idea :) To those who're on holiday or will be soon and jetting off, stay safe and have fun! I can't wait for mine.. it's less than a week now! Can't wait to see you again my lame brother :P and my loud sister hahaha :P biar kamu aku mention di sini!hahaha..


sister mu said...

kau yang loud!! belanja nanti ah? thank yewww!

Orange & Lilac said...

S - Hey i thought this was great... which lens did u use?

sketch said...

to sisterku: blanja saja ni eh.. i thought kau jua yg kan blanja kami liat wyg! Yahoooo!heheh

O&L: i use my kit lens... 18-55

KAYE said...

i love the picture!

shai 3belas said...

I like it! i've seen people shooting from this angle but never got the symmetry right! urs is teetereing to impeccable. U might wanna go at it again and expose the moving people more to make trails and post that! i wonder how it wud look like~

sketch said...

kaye: thanks!

shai3belas: ok, maybe will try that next time. Thanks for the tip!