Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Do You Know Where Now?

Taken not far from the place of that big gulingtangan and all. Did some basic editing to the photo below using Photoshop.

Orange & Lilac - nah, here's the answer of where I was hehe

Hearts & Bones - Especially for you ;) hehe


Hearts & Bones said...

sketch: hahahaha you know what... i still don't know where that is... tapi postcode nya TA. Tutong kah?? And i never knew such a road existed hehehe apa Ds ani?

Orange & Lilac said...

oooh jauh jauh jua menggambar di tutong.. di sana kah class mu when u said ON MY BREAK?

AND yes with H&B i still dont know where this is

sketch said...

Haha awuu, it's in Tutong but aku mana ada class that week. Aku break from self-revision saja.

I also don't know what DS means hehe

All Blog Spots said...

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