Saturday, 19 May 2007

That Special UNO

She said to blog blog blog hehe so here i am. I don't really know what photos to put up but here's a recent one. Some of my collection of special edition UNO :) Not for playing, just for display :p haha if you want to play these special edition collections, no kids allowed haha yes, i'm very protective of them :p hehe What's special about these editions? Well, I only collect those which are in special boxes and all of these special editions have a "Special Edition Card".

oh, also welcome to our site, thanks for all the comments!


Hearts&Bones said...

Hey! you collect Uno cards? COOL!!! I didn't know that! Which ones do you have?? take a pic of all of them babe hehehe Is that Spidey I see??

sketch said...

i have about 6 hehe i just started about 2 years ago, or was it last year so I don't really have much. Yeah the one you see is Spidey, then behind it is Hulk and the last one is X-Men. The others include Carebears, Disney and Nsync hahaha Jangan ketawakan yg last one atu hahaha :p